The dynamic development of Instrat means a growing need for partners in diverse fields of our activity.

We encourage the potential volunteers and young experts, analytics or redactors to cooperate. Our research interests have a very wide reach, as the need for innovative strategies exists now in almost all domains of knowledge – from psychiatry and urban planning to foreign policy of nations and organisations. Send your CV and a few sentences about yourself to and learn how we can create and promote the conceptions of change together.

Our activities very often require a totally new grasp and a special, constantly aquired knowledge. We are utterly thankful to all our sponsorspatrons and strategic partners who support us. This aid allows us to free from the influence of lobbyists and still expand the reach of our activities, whose final goal is after all to change the social discourse for good and implement the valuable and desirable solutions. We also encourage the new patrons to help us in what we do and join the side of the concerned about the future of Poland and the world.