We offer

Instrat advisory includes a number of services covering Individual Public Relations, business strategy and management, as well as political risk advisory. An innovative approach to the ever-changing reality allows us to understand transformation of social fabric on its basic levels, predict trends and effectively advise on creation of institutional framework for emerging ventures. We encourage to contact us at sekretariat@instrat.pl, so that we can examine the needs and conditions of cooperation together.

Economic and soft skills training

Exercising the latest trends and research concepts, we offer a wide range of workshops on micro and macroeconomics, game theory, business strategy and start-ups, sales, diplomatic negotiations and a variety of debate formats. Our training base on genuine economic and political questions, while the tools we disseminate fit the dynamically shifting market requirements and recent international events.

The training have a firmly interactive character, engaging the participants in simulations, games, negotiations or rhetorical debates. Thereby the Instrat Foundation team builds soft skills through practice, coupled with theoretic summary.

Global political risk

Extending knowledge and enhancing awareness concerning global political risk is yet another area of our activity. Economic sanctions are being imposed on new countries with those exiled from international market for years making an overnight comeback to free trade. Challenges and opportunities stemming from commodity prices or intercontinental population migration are just a tiny section of developments requiring an adequate risk assessment.

In our analyses, we take into account both short-lived shocks and long-term upshots of particular events. Considering mutual trust a foundation for world’s societies coexistence, we decrypt public figures’ claims and estimate their influence on various sectors in different countries. Taking advantage from our advisory experience combined with the research team’s achievements, we offer a holistic view on global policies.

Image and visual identification

Paying attention to the continuous growth of soft skills importance, we support our partners in building a comprehensive social perception. By personal image advisory (starting with savoir vivre, etiquette or a diplomatic protocol, down to the attire and socially desirable bahaviours) we create a coherent image for people we cooperate with. Bearing in mind classic patterns, we carry out deep brand threats analyses and prepare tailored communication path.

Our team’s age is what allows us to stay one step ahead of our competitors, as cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends are our everyday life. We understand the power of social networks and their potential in advertising businesses of virtually every branch of the economy. We are keen to successfully overcome all the challenges faced by various organisations in terms of electronic communication and social media marketing.

Organisational support

Considering public communication a key element in succeeding in business, we pay great attention to an internal labour organization. We assist with contemporary strategic implementation and sound decision making, allowing our partners to take great advantage from cloud computing or our project management experience. We wish to aid the Polish economy and Polish entrepreneurs in transition to knowledge-based economy.

New technologies may serve not only to properly organize work and maximize its effectiveness, but also to search for the alternative strategies of company or organisation development. Elastic thinking about the planning and doing model allows gaining competitiveness through knowledge rather than the austerity measures applied to humans. Observing the best on the market, we help in copying the best practices in the designed systems and implementing them.