Oct 17

Stanford University socio-political workshops

Stanford University socio-political workshops

On the 17th October students and professors of the Stanford University, California, participated in workshops at the Warsaw School of Economics. The purpose of the meeting was networking between the students of both universities and exchange of thoughts on the socio-political transformations happening in US and Poland.

The workshops were organised as a part of the Stanford Overseas Studies Program Berlin in close cooperation with the Rectorate of the Warsaw School of Economics and Instrat Foundation.

During the meeting, participants worked in discussion groups focused on the comparative analysis of the situation in US and Poland. Students exchanged thoughts on issues such as multiculturalism, structure of the society, manipulation of the history in the light of social engineering and main socio-political doctrines in Europe and US. The leading topic were the incoming presidential elections and House of Representatives elections in US and political revolution in Poland.


Students have identified many differences, especially in the tutoring of history and the approach towards national identification, as well as various similarities in the current-day shifts in EU and US. They classified the rising populist tendencies as the most important one, a consequence of the growing social inequalities and lack of understanding of global processes.

The discussion was attended by PhD Krzysztof Kozłowski, PhD Marta Pachocka, PhD Tomasz Dołęgowski, PhD Ulrich Brückner, PhD Karen Kramer and Grażyna Meller, member of the Board of the Instrat Foundation.

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