#CoopTech: Platform Cooperativism as the Engine of Solidary Growth

The #CoopTech: Platform Cooperativism as the Engine of Solidary Growth report is a product of Instrat research on the new trend in technology enterpreneurship, especially visible in the European startup community. Platform cooperatives are innovations both in fields of technology and social relations, related to organizational model. Sustainable development, solidarity and openness are the values advocated by digital co-ops against the threats of Big Tech, and which are implemented with the use of experimental technologies such as blockchain and data trusts.


As shown with the estimation model prepared in the report, the investment potential of CoopTech in Europe is signficant. There is nearly €1.3 billion of financial resources that could be allocated to such entities annually. In Poland, this potential amounts to 47.7 million PLN. A set of recommendations for all economic agents should boost the European CoopTech market.


Report answers the following questions:

  • Why Do We Need CoopTech in the World of Big Tech?
  • How Do Platform Cooperatives Work?
  • What Are the Successes of Active Cooperatives?
  • What is the Future of CoopTech?
  • How to Make this Engine Work?
  • Where Can I Learn More?


The presentation of the report was hosted at Central Technology Hub in Warsaw on 21 November. The publication was co-funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Poland.

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