[CHATHAM] Decarbonization of Polish Industry


A Chatham House discussion ‘Decarbonization of Polish Industry‘ was held on Monday, May 23, 2022 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The meeting, organized by the Instrat Foundation, was attended by representatives of energy-intensive industry (the largest consumers of energy), public administration and experts.

Rising energy prices and the war in Ukraine have highlighted the problem of Polish energy-intensive industry’s dependence on fossil fuels. Accordingly, the participants in the discussion jointly considered what the future holds for Polish industry and what instruments can be introduced into industrial policy to reduce this dependence.

During the meeting, Aleksander Szpor, head of the Just Transition research program at the Instrat Foundation, presented the preliminary results of quantitative and qualitative research that his team has conducted over the past few months based on data on Polish industry and its emissions.

Final findings have been presented publicly for the first time on Thursday, June 2, 2022, at the Energy Trade Union Institute conference: Decarbonizing energy intensive industries: what are the risks and opportunities for jobs?

Aleksander Szpor’s speech Decarbonization challenges for EII in Poland to watch below (1:01:08 – 1:28:45). Download presentation from the speech at this link.

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