#FutureInsights: Technologies 4.0 and socio-economic transition

The book, redacted by Prof. Krzysztof Kozłowski (Warsaw School of Economics) and Jan Zygmuntowski (Instrat Foundation), is one that broadens the public debate on new technologies various arguments that are often missed in the mainstream viewpoint.

Skompletowana pod redakcją dr. hab. Krzysztofa Kozłowskiego, prof. Szkoły Głównej Handlowej w Warszawie oraz Jana Zygmuntowskiego, prezesa Fundacji Instrat książka to pozycja włączająca w debatę publiczną nad nowymi technologiami szereg spostrzeżeń niekiedy pomijanych w głównym nurcie.


“There is a need however for works which will counter this problematic field bravely, thats is: describing in detail the technological change already in place, embedding them critically in historical context and theoretical literature and on this very basis formulating development scenarios:

– scholarly reviewer Maciej Grodzicki, PhD


The monography can be bought directly on the website of Publishing Office of the Warsaw School of Economics.


The research team studies various topics, such as mobility automation, inteligent energy management and models of sharing economy – often not from the point of their development in terms of 4.0 technology complexity, but from the point of real implementation in everyday and economic life. The subsequent articles in the monography are:


  • Jan J. Zygmuntowski – Revolution of the multi-sided platforms. A reflection on sharing economy in the light of public interest
  • Zuzanna Kowalik – Gig economy and labor laws and ways of worker mobilization
  • Konrad Grabowicz – Technological feudalism as a source of secular stagnation in late capitalism
  • Filip Lubiński – Technological unemployment and the universal basic income
  • Karolina Porębna – New technologies development policy in post-industrial era – specifics of the Nordic model
  • Kamil Gapiński – Economic aspects of ICT security in firms of the fourth industrial evolution
  • dr Tomasz Janasz, Michał Hetmański – Ghost on the road: On hyperefficacy of passenger cars
  • Grażyna Meller – Technological progress in electric energy production in Subsaharan Africa


The website of #FutureInsights  project and the book can be found here.

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