The largest industry CO2 emitters in Poland [ranking, map & database]


A recent report by Instrat shows that the largest industry sites in just four sectors of Polish manufacturing account for 15% of Poland's total carbon dioxide emissions. In 2019 56 plants mainly producing cement, metals, fertilizers, coke and refined petroleum products generated 46 million tons of CO2. We show the data by industry, province and individual plants in the ranking and the map of emitters.

Download charts [LINK]

Database of CO2 emmissions from EEI in Poland 2010-2020 [LINK]

55 sites are key to supply chains in their respective sectors offering a total of about 300,000 jobs. Emissions from energy-intensive industries are concentrated in four provinces, as shown in our infographics. Today’s threats to Poland’s energy-intensive industries stemming from, among other things, high commodity and fuel prices in the absence of a government industrial strategy raise risks to the stability of individual sites. We are now at a time when industry regions can still avoid the “wild transformation” that took place in previous decades in some coal regions – says Aleksander Szpor, Head of the Just Tranisition Program at Instrat.

Ranking of biggest emitters

Map of biggest emitters

Distribution of sites in regions

Database of CO2 emissions of energy-intensive industries 2010-2020

Our database provides an overview of the most important CO2 emitters from four energy-intensive industries in Poland and contains data on emission values for the period 2010-2020. It was created on the basis of the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR), which includes plants emitting more than 100,000 tons of CO2 and meeting certain production criteria (

Database of CO2 emissions of energy-intensive industries 2010-2020 [LINK]


Patryk Berus, Communications Manager,

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