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Variable vulnerability

Less than 1% of Poland’s population lives in municipalities where a significant proportion of income comes directly from the coal industry. Instrat experts have calculated

Green Bonds

There exists a great potential for local governments to increase their debt and use it to finance local green investments. So far, the governments have

Poland cannot afford medium ambitions

Using an updated PyPSA-PL model, Instrat experts have investigated the potential development paths for renewable energy sources in Poland until 2030. The current scenario of

The Road to Net Zero

Instrat’s experts warn – ¾ of 100 largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange have not set any targets for reducing their greenhouse gas

Searching for the source

Methane is the second most harmful greenhouse gas after CO2. Its emissions from Polish hard coal mines are a significant contributor to the scale of

Unleashing the potential of data

The dynamic development of technological data-based AI tools has particularly highlighted the need to build trusted data-sharing environments and provide that data that algorithms use

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