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Limited pathways

Preparing comprehensive plans for the transition towards net zero requires reliable tools facilitating the creation of easy-to-implement decarbonisation pathways in all sectors of the economy,

From concerns to consent

The European Union is gearing up for the establishment of a European Health Data Space. In response to apprehensions surrounding this initiative, an Instrat expert,

Winds of Change

Offshore wind energy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is bound to become the cornerstone for accelerating the coal phaseout, strengthening energy and climate security,

Coal mining in need?

The government of Mateusz Morawiecki has planned to bail out coal mining companies with 1.5 billion EUR (7 billion PLN) at the last hurdle, even

Poland approaching carbon neutrality

In mid-January 2024 Poland made headlines as a senior government official urged the European Union to “embrace” a plan to slash 90 per cent of

Fishy business

Data from water permits and integrated permits are included in the database available here [LINK] The Polish energy sector uses eight times more water than

Variable vulnerability

Less than 1% of Poland’s population lives in municipalities where a significant proportion of income comes directly from the coal industry. Instrat experts have calculated

Baseload power

Poland continues to produce increasingly large quantities of cheap and clean energy from renewable sources. Barriers to the Polish economy’s further decarbonisation include the low

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