Instrat’s strategy ahead: new person in think-tank’s leadership to co-lead growth and scale up impact


Instrat’s leadership has been reinforced by Agata Miazga, our new Chief Strategy Officer, a former public official who will co-lead growth and scale up impact. Agata's main task is to prepare and implement a new strategy for the organisation.

Instrat is poised for an exciting new phase of development. Over the past three years, the organization has grown from an exclusive group of experts to a thriving team with over 20 full-time data analysts, IT & modelling professionals, as well as policy and communications experts. 

With this rapid expansion comes the need to mature the organization and establish a clear direction for the future. Instrat’s leadership has been recently strengthened by an ideal candidate to lead this critical process. Agata Miazga is a former Director at the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, where she was responsible for opening data in the central administration. In consequence, Poland rose in the Open Data Maturity in Europe ranking from 23rd to 6th place. Under her guidance as the Chief Strategy Officer, Instrat aims to develop a comprehensive strategy that will steer the organization’s growth and impact for the next three years and beyond.

Agata Miazga – new Chief Strategy Officer

Instrat’s decision to appoint Agata Miazga to spearhead the strategy development process is a testament to the think tank’s commitment to excellence. Agata brings a wealth of experience and expertise in leveraging data to drive transformative policies and initiatives. Her visionary approach and keen understanding of the digital landscape make her the perfect fit to help Instrat leapfrog into the future.

Over the past few years, Instrat has gained a reputation for producing key insights and recommendations on various policy issues. However, with the dynamic and evolving nature of global challenges, a more structured and long-term approach is essential for sustained impact. Agata and the organisation’s team will work collaboratively to craft a comprehensive strategy that outlines clear goals, objectives, and tactics for the next three years. 

Instrat’s CEO Michał Hetmański is satisfied with the long-term dedication of Agata Miazga to the organisation: At this stage of Instrat’s growth, we need leaders like Agata with a proven track record in addressing key policy challenges. With her on board, I am thrilled to see our impact being scaled up and I remain dedicated to ensuring that integrity follows.

Supercharging policies and public opinion with open data and research for a fair, green, and digital economy

Embarking on a transformative journey, Instrat is about to unveil its 2023-2026 strategy, setting a bold course towards a future marked by progress, impact, and courage. Rooted in its core values, Instrat’s strategy charts a dynamic path aimed at supercharging policies and public opinion with open data and research for a fair, green, and digital economy.

At the heart of this strategic roadmap lies the commitment to progressive values, as Instrat is guided by the public interest, addressing socioeconomic disparities, and fostering a vision of life within planetary boundaries. The drive for impact underscores Instrat’s dedication to translating cutting-edge research into actionable solutions, propelling tangible change and ushering in a new era of societal betterment.

Guided by the principle of courage, Instrat fearlessly disrupts conventional norms, daring to challenge the status quo and explore uncharted territories. The strategy resonates with endeavors to fortify its presence in influential hubs like Brussels and London, facilitating more impactful engagement in policy dialogues. Moreover, Instrat’s horizon extends beyond Poland, as it embarks on an ambitious expansion into the CEE region, forging partnerships and fostering positive transformation in geographies sharing similar policy challenges: Ukraine or the Western Balkans.

Central to its vision, Instrat places R&D: energy modelling and data intelligence at the forefront, harnessing innovation to propel its mission forward. As the think tank steps into this new chapter, it does so with a resolute commitment to shaping a more equitable, just, and progressive world—one where its unwavering spirit of courage paves the way for groundbreaking change.

Stay tuned

The next phase of Instrat’s development is set to be transformative. The think tank is poised to create its first-ever strategy that will guide its growth and impact over the next three years and beyond. As the strategy unfolds, the world will undoubtedly witness Instrat’s continued ascent as the leading force in shaping Poland’s policy landscape and beyond.

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