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We want to deepen the debate in Poland on sustainable finance strategies and the role of investors in the transition to climate neutrality

Instrat Foundation is launching a research program in the area of sustainable finance. Its aim is to develop recommendations concerning the role of the Polish capital market in financing a fair transition to a zero-emission economy.

Investments required to achieve climate neutrality in Poland, in the power sector alone, will amount to over PLN 800 billion by 2050. To finance them, it will be necessary to involve large institutional investors, such as pension funds. That is why it is so important to develop public policies conducive to the adjustment of financial flows to the needs and objectives of climate protection. Some of these, such as the European taxonomy, have already been introduced at EU level.

At the same time, climate change and the increasingly restrictive regulations designed to slow its progress are having a significant impact on the financial services industry. Not only are new investment opportunities emerging, for example in the form of green bonds, but also new risks to the stability of the financial system associated with market participants’ exposure to carbon-intensive assets.

The programme of the Institute covers a broad spectrum of legal and financial issues, including: the availability of instruments enabling Polish investors to invest capital in zero-emission economy, the level of green-washing on the Polish capital market, information obligations of its participants regarding the environmental impact and risks related to exposure to fossil fuels. The team of experts led by Katarzyna Szwarc will also focus on the role of the financial market regulator and the central bank in promoting sustainable financing and mitigating systemic risk resulting from the climate crisis, as well as the pension funds’ exposure to emissive assets and its impact on future pensions of Polish women and men.

The Foundation plans extensive consultations with public administration representatives, market participants and experts.

We want to deepen the debate in Poland on sustainable financing strategies and the role of investors in the transition to climate neutrality. We look forward to working not only with policy makers and regulators, but also with market participants” – said Katarzyna Szwarc, program leader and Instrat Board member.

Instrat – Foundation for Strategic Initiatives is an independent think tank dedicated to energy transition, digital economy and sustainable development. More information at www.instrat.pl

Katarzyna Szwarc is a public policy expert in capital markets and sustainable finance. She gained experience in international financial institutions, including the Warsaw and New York Stock Exchanges. Currently Policy Fellow at the Grantham Institute of Climate Change at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Board Member of Instrat Foundation. Graduated in law from Warsaw University and in public policy from LSE.