Methane in coal mining – Instrat at UNECE forum and in the Polish Parliament (DECEMBER)


EU Methane Legislation and Poland's coal mining industry

In December 2021 Instrat participated in two forums discussing the impact of the EU Methane Legislation on the Poland’s coal mining industry. Michał Hetmański, President of the Board at Instrat Foundation, presented preliminary results from Instrat’s Poland’s Coal Mining Database Landscape at:

(1) Methane Mondays – forum organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE),

(2) Just Transition Subcommittee in the Sejm RP (Polish Parliament)

Recently announced Global Methane Pledge (COP26) has set the target of reducing methane emissions by 30% until 2030. Is this goal ambitious for Poland’s coal mining industry? Our initial results suggest it’s not – direct translation of this goal would mean that methane emissions should be reduced to the level reported exactly one decade ago.

Fundamental problem with monitoring of methane emissions from the mining industry is lack of universal access to the verified unit-level company data. Based on the analysis of the KOBiZE (E-PRTR) data we suggest that mining companies might need to improve their reporting standards to better reflect methane emission types (ventilation air methane, methane drainage stations) at different sites. Part of methane emissions from abandoned mines might be unproperly classified or missing at all.

Instrat will soon present the underlying data sources from KOBiZE (E-PRTR) in a new release and update to the Coal Mining Database Landscape for Poland.

UNECE: Methane Mondays – December 6th, 2021

On December 6th, 2021 Michał Hetmański presented results of the Instrat research on methane emissions at Methane Mondays – a new forum organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and EMBER. Summary of the discussion is available at UNECE website under this link. Presentation from the meeting is available below (PDF version).

This is the second Instrat presentation at UNECE forum – previous one took place in September 2021 in Kraków (live) at 30th School of Undeground Mining.

Sejm RP: Just Transition Subcommittee in the Polish Parliament – December 15th, 2021

On December 15th, 2021 during the Just Transition Subcommittee in the Polish Parliament Instrat present preliminary research results pointing to the systemic problem with availability of reliable and verifiable data, but also legal barriers in access to the information on the technical and socio-economic outlook in the coal mining sector. The need for reforming the current model of public statistics in the energy and coal mining sectors in Poland was desribed in Instrat’s Open letter to open access energy and coal data in 2020 at (June 2020).

Transmission from the presentation from the Polish Parliament is available under this link or below.

Presentation was held in Polish – is available below (PDF version).

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