Foundation for Strategic Initiatives – Instrat – has been established as a one-of-a-kind fusion of an academic institute and a socially engaged NGO. Instrat’s aim is to analyze the current state of socio-economic mechanisms or structures as well as developing new, innovative strategies challenging the main global issues by implementing our evolving goals.

The XXI century is still waiting for its own unique idea which will allow both nations and individuals to grow harmonically. We believe that our understanding of the world needs to be redefined namely, to involve a brand new approach characterized by a successful combination of drive for freedom and equality, coupled with a touch of the well-known motto – fraternity.

According to a holistic vision, we aim to achieve the ultimate balancing exercise of economic growth, natural ecosystem coupled with new technologies, traditional wisdom, rigid procedures and spontaneous initiatives in a highly self-sufficient and globalized world. Material necessities ought to be accompanied by fulfilled spiritual needs, whilst big-scale systems – closely cooperating with local-level initiatives.

We are responsible for our mutual development on this planet, tied together in an organic system of communicating vessels. Holistic approach shifts the governance from resource management towards responsible, sustainable stewardship.

As Instrat, we wish to deepen the understanding of such a holistic vision and promote specific measures in all fields of human interest.

Instrat academic team consists of researchers asking bold questions, challenging current paradigms and dogmas. Our leitmotiv is to present critic and thought-provoking reports – be it a concept of sustainable energetic schemes for the globe or findings on alternative education systems. Research team’s conclusions are the very answer for how we see the holistic vision implementation.

Building awareness and spreading internally developed ideas is an essential part of our work at Instrat –  often characterized by but not limited to regularly hosting conferences, workshops, debates and publications. We are firm believers that sharing expert knowledge with members of our society not only promotes publicity but strengthens public debate and interest. This mission is accomplished and promoted  by our highly acclaimed education team.

True change cannot be achieved without support of the advisory team. By staying in touch with the diplomats, financial and political elites we ensure that our vision is being heard at the policy making level.  Therefore, we are not only taking part in facilitating change at the highest levels of hierarchy but are also actively passing on expert knowledge on a wide array of relevant topics.

As Instrat, we work for a more complete tomorrow.