On-line viability calculator for coal power plants

We present an updated version of the on-line viability calculator for coal power plants, calibrated to Ostrołęka C.

This time we extend the model by publishing all assumptions and the whole model in both interactive on-line and off-line Excel version – available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. We hereby invite the community of energy modelling experts to test the robustness of the price scenarios and model results.


On-line viability calculator

Google Sheets Document – in the “View only” mode – add do  your Google Drive or download the Excel file on your desktop computer



In the interactive on-line version you can choose one of our own scenarios (price forecasts) for:

  • hours worked per annum,
  • wholesale electricity prices,
  • CO2 certificate prices,
  • coal & transport prices,


and in the off-line version e.g. discount rate, capacity market revenue or interest rate and add your own price scenarios. Price forecasts we use are available on-line and were sourced from free and available sources: Ministry of Energy (PEP2040, KPEiK) or International Energy Agency (WEO).


Project commenced by the Association Workshop for All Beings (Pracownia na Rzecz Wszystkich Istot) within the campaign STOP Ostrołęka C.

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