– Power Market, Coal and Climate Data Hub for Poland

Poland’s first open data platform on energy and mining. It came to life as a response to the problem of availability of reliable, easily visualized data collected in one place in open access mode. Their presence and adequate presentation are essential for an informed society and for public discussion on economy, energy and climate issues. The platform has been operating for 2 years and includes, i.e. hourly data from the electricity system, prices of energy, raw materials or quotations of CO2 emission allowances, statistics of the energy sector and coal mining. It also includes 2 proprietary, comprehensive databases of Instrat – the power plant and mine databases. On social media channels, constant communication is maintained using charts, numbers and analysis, promoting the platform and positioning Instrat’s expertise. The site’s content and visualizations are constantly being developed to remain the best and the largest open platform in Poland with a high standard of presentation.

Research program:


European Climate Foundation, SUBAK, CAN Europe, own funds

Project leader:

and news

Project date:

2020 -

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