Change of Warmth. How to reform Poland’s heating sector?


Joint conference of NFOŚiGW, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology with Instrat, Energy Forum and Energia Miast. Hosted by POLITYKA Insight

Instrat together with the Energy Forum and the Energia Miast Association co-organized the event on October 24, 2019: “Change of Warmth. How to reform the Polish heating sector?” organized in cooperation with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

The purpose of the event was to bring together decision makers and opinion leaders dealing with environmental protection, energy and officials involved in the programming of the future budget perspective of the European Union, in order to discuss the problems of the heating sector in Poland. It was particularly important for us to pay attention to the problems of district heating sector, whose condition and possibilities of development have a key meaning for the effectiveness of activities for improvement of the air quality. During the meeting the issues of position of district heating sector in Poland and Europe were discussed – diagnosis, problems and challenges, energy transformation in local governments, district heating program, good practices and drawbacks of solutions.

In our joint presentation with Energia Miasta we discussed the key issue of transparent pricing of district heating tariffs and ownership supervision over district heating companies – both by private investors and local governments. We also indicated the sources of financing the energy transformation of municipal holdings and heating companies. Our recommendations are available in a joint presentation available on the MPiT website and here.

The presentation is a continuation of the promotion of the report Green Renaissance: A Local Government Handbook of Energy Transition published on behalf of the Energy Cities Association. The report is available for free shipping nationwide.

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