WEBINAR: From hydrogen hype to hard reality: realistic hydrogen demand and supply volumes and its implications on the EU hydrogen economy


The event will be held in English. 

Registration link: https://anmeldung.germanwatch.org/euki-eu-h2/

The enormous potential of hydrogen has drawn attention across the EU, which sees it as a valuable tool on the way towards net-zero objectives. However, to properly anchor hydrogen in the broader decarbonisation landscape and determine its optimal role in reducing GHG emissions, policymakers have to base their judgements not on an ever-growing hype, but on sound analyses considering its introduction implications. 

A webinar organised jointly by ZERO, Germanwatch, and Instrat, will aim to provide such analysis by presenting the results of a study commissioned by the consortium to Brussels think tank Breugel: “Perspectives for Green Hydrogen in Europe: Detailed Analysis of Germany, Poland and Portugal case”.

The study presentation will be complemented by a roundtable discussion, including representatives from civil society, academia, industry, and policymaking, on the perspectives for green hydrogen in the EU.

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