Unleashing the potential of data

The dynamic development of technological data-based AI tools has particularly highlighted the need to build trusted data-sharing environments and provide that data that algorithms use are of high quality and not biassed. Unlocking the potential of data is a development opportunity for Poland to create its own high-tech solutions, modernise public services and improve the quality of decision-making in all sectors. 

Publication is the subject of a contract commissioned by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. It includes a comprehensive discussion of the topic of data sharing with the distinction of four challenges identified by the authors, i.e. data sharing within in the model of: (1) personal data intermediaries; (2) virtual shared repositories of non-personal data ; (3) public shared repositories of personal data; and (4) the management of highly sensitive data.

The whole cycle of the project included four research workshop blocks, lasting 40 hours in total. Each module contained both a theoretical and research part (discussion; problem-solving). The first three meetings concerned discussion on: personal data intermediaries; virtual data commons for non-personal commercial data; public data commons for personal data. The fourth block was devoted to the analysis of data management methods depending on their sensitivity.  Based on the interviews with workshop participants, as well as the analysis of the relevant literature and good international practices, the authors of the report developed a set of pilot recommendations that could be implemented in Poland. 

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