Digitisation of the labour market – a new EU-funded Instrat project


In cooperation with NSZZ Solidarność Trade Union, we prepare social partners for the challenges arising from the digitization of the labour market.

Digitalisation of work creates space for new types of abuses, such as digital surveillance,  accelerating the productivity of workers by AI tools, and expecting employees to be constantly connected to their devices. Therefore, jointly with partners from Poland and abroad, Instrat aims to implement the provisions of the European Social Partners framework agreement on the digitalisation of labour and ensure that employees are aware of their socio-economic rights and fundamental human rights in the digital age (such as the right not to be discriminated against by AI or protection against unjustified automated dismissal). 

In this project Instrat is responsible for preparing training materials and conducting a series of international workshops for the representatives of trade unions and employers organisations on the future of work: labour market transformation; the right to disconnect; the influence of AI at work processes. 

The project consortium consists of 10 organisations from 5 different countries. The project leader is the NSZZ “Solidarność” Trade Union, the co-applicants are: CISL (Italy), BLOCUL (Romania), Lewiatan Confederation (Poland), Instrat Foundation (Poland), and supporting partners: European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), trade unions LPS “Solidarumas” (Lithuania), KSS (North Macedonia) and employers’ organisations LDK (Lithuania) and OEM (North Macedonia).

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