We are proud to announce that the platform has undergone a major overhaul, making access to open data on the Polish energy and mining industry very easy and readable. Check out the new version of the platform, which presents data similar to the last one, but is now much easier to navigate through high-level visualization. The user-friendly interface means that users will see the most important information right away, such as:

  • electricity production for the last 24 hours, broken down by source,
  • electricity, gas and emission prices,
  • electricity system load,
  • a dedicated graph of the month.

What’s new?

The interface has been completely redesigned and adapted to the needs of users and users. The menu is divided into 6 sections:

  • electrical system,
  • prices,
  • mining,
  • emissions,
  • blog,
  • more data.

News on the platform

  • blog, clear descriptions of data and charts,
  • completely rebuilt charts in the new tools, adding, among others, the long-awaited percentage views,
  • new datasets (electricity prices on the futures market, PSCMI 2 coal index, gas prices on the Day-Ahead Market),
  • our databases in one place: power plants, mines, emissions of energy-intensive industries,
  • a blog section where the team will regularly publish and comment on data and inform about updates to the site,
  • more datasets to download.

About the platform

Poland’s first open data platform on energy and mining. It came to life as a response to the problem of the availability of reliable, easily visualized data collected in one place in open-access mode. Their presence and adequate presentation are essential for an informed society and for public discussion on the economy, energy, and climate issues. The platform has been operational since 2020, and users can find there, among other things, data on national generation capacity and electricity production, specific generation units, databases of Polish power plants and coal mines, as well as prices of electricity or CO2 emission allowance.

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