Offshore Wind: Grid and Infrastructure Development Workshop


Instrat Foundation invites you to the “Offshore Wind: Grid and Infrastructure Development” Capacity Building Workshop on the 29th of February, 2024. The event is organised as part of the BLUECEE – Strengthening Policy and Governance Capacity for Blue Energy in Central and Eastern Europe project. 

The BlueCEE project aims to strengthen the capacity and readiness for multi-level governance of sustainable energy deployment in Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Romania in the region of the Black-Adriatic-Baltic Sea. Thus, reinforcing Europe’s leadership in the sector. To achieve this goal, BLUECEE creates a knowledge repository, policy advocacy, and outreach instrument: the Black Sea Renewable Energy Coalition platform. Instrat Foundation is working with stakeholders from Croatia (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb), Romania (Energy Policy Group) and Bulgaria (Center for the Study of Democracy).

The workshop aims to:

  • increase the knowledge of domestic stakeholders about the local and cross-regional aspects of the intersection of offshore wind power, infrastructure and power grid development.
  • explore factors and challenges that might require further action (including legislative changes, new investment programmes, institutional interventions or social communication),
  • facilitate a cross-border exchange of perspectives and knowledge across the BlueCEE partners’ countries.

The full agenda for the event can be found here.


To sign up for the event, please follow the link. Please note that due to limited capacity, in-person participation is not guaranteed, an online link will be provided to those participants who have not received an in-person invitation.

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