Instrat participated in workshops on unlocking the potential of wind energy in the in Central and Eastern Europe


On September 22nd in Dubrovnik, a workshop dedicated to Marine Spatial Planning took place, organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Zagreb as part of the BLUECEE project – Strengthening Policy and Governance Capacity for Blue Energy in Central and Eastern Europe, which aims to share experiences and strengthen the potential of marine energy in Central and Eastern Europe.

The project is coordinated by four organizations – Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria), Energy Policy Group (Romania), University of Zagreb (Croatia), and the Instrat Foundation. Together, we are enhancing the capabilities of littoral countries for multi-level governance of the deployment of sustainable energy in the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black Sea regions, focusing on Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Romania.

The workshops brought together participants from different parts of the world, both in-person and online. Instrat was represented on site by Jarosław Kopeć, a senior data analyst. The debate attracted representatives from academia, research organizations, regional energy agencies, and industry associations. We discussed Marine Spatial Planning issues in light of European and Croatian law and legislation related to the development of marine energy sources. Particular emphasis was placed on the prospects for wind energy in the Adriatic Sea, considering environmental, landscape, technical, regulatory, and economic aspects.

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